THC Free Broad Spectrum Extract Sublingual Tincture 600mg 20mg/ml 30ml (1 fl oz)

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*Please Note, Not available for sale online, call 800-852-1445 or visit Lakeview Pharmacy for Purchase.

WITHOUT a trace of THC, this Ananda Professional product is derived from premium whole flower hemp and cultivated without harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.  CBD Hemp products are legal and have shown to help with anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic and neuropathic pain and much more. THC Free CBD oil is ideal for retired military, competing athletes, sports organizations, pilots, first responders and many more.

Each tincture contains 600mg of active cannabinoids and terpenes for a potent blend of all the healthy, natural ingredients, and can be precisely measured with the scored pipette providing individualized administration appreciated by pharmacists and consumers. 

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