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North Freedom, WI

Four Elements Herbals; Arnica Capsicum Functional Cream

Four Elements Herbals; Arnica Capsicum Functional Cream

Feeling the effects from over exertion or from years of using your body’s amazing masterpiece of muscles and bones? This thoughtfully blended cream combines wild and cultivated plants traditional for supporting healthy muscle function. Arnica, capsicum, St. John’s wort, meadowsweet, and witch hazel are classic for this topical herbal product, combined with our native prickly ash. Apply as needed.

Elements: Sunflower oil*, arnica flowers*, Arnica chamissonis,  Capsicum spp. fruits,* meadowsweet*, Filipendula ulmariaprickly ash fruits and bark*,  St. John’s wort*, Hypericum perfoliatum,  and witch hazel flowering tips*, Hamamelis virginiana, infusion/ decoction,  beeswax, grape seed oil*, shea butter*, borax, vitamin E, juniper, Juniperus virginiana, essential oil, ginger, Zingiber officinaleessential oil, potassium sorbate, arnica flower essence. *Organic

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